Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Building our Spider

Our robot spider took a lot longer than expected as it was very simple. A lot of the connecting pieces we needed we did not have and had to improvise, our spider was unstable due to this. It looked different to the picture but it still looks fine. On our first test run to see if the spider could walk the legs section broke off as it was not connected very securely. After looking at how I could improve the robots stability i decided to try remake the leg section in my own way that would enable it to stay in place and not fall off. I fixed the robot making it stable but it still does not function properly. Instead of walking forward it jumps up and down. When the robot is in motion the legs move in all different directions. We've tried different things to get them to stay in place but nothing really works. I am not pleased with the result but I am happy that we still have something to put forward and that it still can move.

Front View

Side View

Top View

This is how the robot operates

This blog hasn't been updated as frequently as I would have liked it to, there are only four blog posts which I have done but I wish I would have done more so i could of tracked the progress of how I was finding this robotics topic

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